Are You Penny-Pinching Your Marketing?

one funnel away

How much do you value your investment in marketing your business? What’s more important, your marketing or how great your products and services are? I found this from a Forbes article, it says it perfectly: “Entrepreneurs often fail because their companies are invisible to the world because they cannot bear to spend money on marketing…

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Success in Your Business with the 4 C’s

There Are Only 4 Parts To Success in Your Business, and we’re all really good at complicating everything, which makes us lose momentum. If you focus on just these 4 parts, and developing the skills for each, you will get into momentum and stop going down rabbit holes of distraction I focus on online methods…

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Which Type of Entrepreneur are you?

8 Types of Entrepreneurs

There are 8 types of entrepreneurs, each personality type brings unique gifts into the world! You get in your flow, and wealth is created. Roger gives a quick explanation in this YouTube video here. Which one are you? Take the test from Roger Hamilton and you’ll have laser focus on how to create wealth and contribution…

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The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret

Happy 2016! This recording from many years ago can help you make quantum leaps of progress in your life, maybe even be a turning point for you. He reveals the strangest secret – that once you know it, can change everything for you. You can Google ‘Earl Nightingale’ if you’re not familiar with him. You’ll find he…

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How to Get Out of The Entrepreneurial Doldrums

How my customer will have a better life

It’s so easy to focus on the money as an entrepreneur, because for many, the income is really needed, NOW.   But that focus keeps you in an energy of stress and anxiousness, and most importantly, off the topic of what’s most important.   Serving your customers, and giving them what they want and need, is…

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What is “Great Time”?

Laurie Conrod

Hey there! I just got back from Phoenix yesterday, I went home to CT to visit for the first time since I moved to CA in June. I didn’t want too much time to pass before I saw my Dad (he’s 88) and my sisters, and friends back East. I went to Phoenix after my CT visit to attend…

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3 Magic Questions for Recruiting or Selling

I see people pushing their deal, either in person or online, everyday. I get messages on FB, even txt msgs, from people I barely know asking me to buy their stuff. Many times with very few details or reason why I should. This doesn’t work and makes marketers very sad, frustrated, and they often quit. They’re…

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The Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT)

If you’re an entrepreneur, or you know one, or you’re thinking of starting a business, this video is really powerful. You may also see something in yourself you didn’t realize was there. And/or get confirmation of what you already knew about yourself, but no one has ever affirmed it. It’s powerful. When I left a…

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“The Million Dollar Day” Kills Procrastination

The Million Dollar Day book

‪The Million Dollar Day;  procrastination, pruning, and palm trees  I spend a lot of time outside on my patio working at the table under the umbrella (definitely beats all those years I spent in an office!). I looked up one day and saw the 2 huge palm trees keeping me company, and I named them Harry…

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“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan

The Declaration of Independence

Do You Feel Free? I Love Love Love July 4 because “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.” – Moshe Dayan I visited the USSR in 1977 after studying Marxism in high school, I thought Communism sounded like a good  deal. It did, on paper anyway. (hey I was open-minded ) Then I went there…

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