Ben Franklin and Solomon CEO


Ben Franklin was a really cool guy. When my son Brian and I drove cross-country and moved him to Pasadena, CA, we saw this on the street in downtown Pasadena. Kudos to Pasadena for making Ben’s wisdom a permanent part of the sidewalk!

There is so much wisdom available by visionaries that are long gone, but their words still help us grow, reflect and expand, and succeed.

That’s why I study Solomon CEO. (21 ancient secrets for entrepreneurial leadership. These are online training’s from my mentor and friend Mark). Mark studied King Solomon starting in 8th grade, the wisest and wealthiest King of all time. Here’s a sample.)

Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs. Here’s an example of how his wisdom relates to today:

“The lazy man has no game to roast, but a diligent man sees precious wealth in the land”. Proverbs 12:27

It goes much deeper than this, but Solomon is saying there are people (the lazy man) who will look at the land and think “there’s nothing in the land that I can see will benefit me, there’s nothing in the land to change my situation”, they don’t see any opportunities, only limitations and obstacles.

Other people (the diligent man) will look at the EXACT SAME land, and see wealth, opportunity, ways to grow and benefit, help other people, and prosper.

I see this everyday – people looking at the same economy, same stock market, same job market, same environment, and some know the land is wealthy and see the opportunities, and others can’t see the opportunities, they believe the land is barren, and they’re stuck.

I believe we live in the best times of all time. And there is definitely “precious wealth in the land”!

I can help you get ‘unstuck’. I’ve been through it myself and I know how to get unstuck and in your flow.

Join me here, or contact me and tell me your story. I’d love to help you!