Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

Don't Settle.

I believe entrepreneurship is a vehicle to finding out what you really want, and who you really are. We allow ourselves to have a vision of what we want, which is usually self-focused, but in many cases a serious situation (get out of debt, provide for a family, pay for college, live well in retirement, freedom, independence).

Then what I call the ‘serving syndrome’ kicks in. This is when things feel good. We realize the best way to success is serving others in some way. Then the creativity starts and things start to roll. A mission and purpose begin to be defined.

  As an employe944524_549487578431666_1249332641_n smalle, you are always working towards someone else’s goals and aspirations. You may be in alignment to some degree   with those goals, but many people aren’t, and settle for working in that environment and never really find their gifts.

 Their creativity is being stifled by their decision to settle.

 The happiest people I know are entrepreneurs in some area of their life. They may be part-timers, whatever.

 But we’re all evolving and growing, fostering our creativity, acting on inspired thoughts, being Giver’s, and positive about the future and the direction we’re headed in.

 We allow ourselves to Dream Big and then act on it, never giving up.

 I think we should enjoy what we do every day (fulfill that mission and purpose) and make lots of money doing it (be prosperous – a powerful way to be a bigger Giver).

I hope you encourage your friends to seek entrepreneurship too.

Creativity at it’s best! :)

Invisible Empire helps me grow as an entrepreneur by providing training’s and a supportive community of entrepreneurs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about settling? Is it a battle for you to stay on track with your goals and dreams?

Are you around supportive people that cheer you on, or naysayers that think you’re crazy?

We all need support, especially when you’re in a home-based business!