How To Live Your Dreams Now by Dreamscaping

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Live Your Dream Now! Is about finding ways, however small they are, to start doing and experiencing the things you want in life, now.

Make a list of all the things you want in your life experience, and even if you can’t experience them 100% the way you want to, find smaller, starter ways to live them anyway. Dreamscaping also goes even deeper (see how to get the Dreamscaping training below).

I’ve wanted to take up golf again (after 15 years of not playing) for the last few years, but I wasn’t doing anything because I felt I needed more time, and more financial commitment to start.

Not so! I bought a new glove and new shoes, and I already have access to the driving range anytime I want, and I can play twice a month for no extra expense, so today I went to the range and hit a bucket of balls.

I enjoyed 30 minutes of golf, and I’m on my way to playing often and whenever I want.

When we experience (even on a smaller scale) the things we want more often, we bring more of those experiences into our lives, because we’re happier  (and not thinking about what we Don’t Have.)

Appreciating the Now, living in the Now, and doing fun things in the Now, bring more of these good things to you…in the Now.

Live your dreams now, in smaller chunks, and you’ll manifest your dreams faster than you think!


P.S. You can get a 35-minute training to help you create your list and Dreamscape your life. It’s $7 for 7 days. Let me know how you like it!

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