Are You Getting In Your Own Way? That’s GOOYOW

There are 6 elements of GOOYOW, this is Element #1 – “Making the Moment Wrong”.

When we think the moment we are in is wrong, that it shouldn’t be happening, we beat ourselves up needlessly, and also tend to get into victim mentality.

Those thought patterns will get in our way and hold us back. An example is thinking “I shouldn’t be experiencing this ____”.

The solution is “context’. When you deal with a negative situation or circumstance in context, you won’t get in your own way.

Your context is this: “This is what’s happening right now. I’m experiencing it, I can get through it, and it’s going to help me get to where I’m going”.

All of our experiences make great stories, appreciate the story, and know that the moment is always right.

You won’t hold yourself back and stunt your growth.

Make the Moment Right, use context to help you, and you won’t get in your own way!


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