Facing Fears As An Entrepreneur

Dive Into Your Business and Face Your Fears

Fears are just beliefs, and we can change our beliefs anytime we want.

I remember when my mother was teaching me how to dive for the first time.

I LOVED swimming, and we were at Sebago Lake in Maine where we went every summer to visit my grandparents.

They had a cement dock and a motor boat, and we would jump off the dock and play around in inner tubes from the bus company my grandfather had stock in.

Dive Into Your Business and Face Your Fears

Dive Into Your Business and Face Your Fears

I was afraid to dive in head first. So she taught me to put my hands over my head, keep my chin down, and just fall into the water. No need to push off the dock, reach out and go far into the water, and dive like eagle, just fall gently. Take the first step.

And what was my fear? My belief that something bad would happen….maybe it was not being able to see what I was doing (like when you jump in feet first), who knows? Maybe it was just the uncertainty of knowing what it would feel like to go in head first. I can’t remember what I was afraid of, I just hadn’t done it before and didn’t know what to expect!

Isn’t it just like that in your business? You want to try something, but you don’t know what it will feel like or look like? Or you might look stupid or get hurt in some way when you do it?

Yup, our fears can really hold us back. And yes, sometimes we’ll look dumb or awkward, but do you realize that people respect people that get out of their comfort zone?

When I was studying martial arts, the white belts that came to class were the most respected students. They had no idea what was going to happen next, and were facing their fears the most.

Fears are just beliefs, and we can change our beliefs anytime we want. I trusted my Mom, that I could do it, and I wouldn’t get hurt. It took a few tries, but not only did I learn to go off the dock, I found out I LOVED diving, and started diving competitively. I had no idea or desire to do that, that first time on the dock (which was only a foot or so above the water)!

When you change your belief (“this isn’t going to hurt, and even if I look dumb at first, I’ll have grown and it will be easier and easier”….or “I can do this!”) and take the first step, imagine what else you’ll accomplish.

Be Bold! Tackle one of your fears today, no matter how small. It will be so much easier next time.

So far, I’ve tackled creating a Facebook fan page, a blog, doing webinars, Facebook ads, Twitter, video marketing on YouTube, email autoresponders, building capture pages, sales funnels, and more.

So can you!

You never know what will happen when you face a fear, and the magical things that happen after that.

What fears have you faced? What was your experience? I’d love to hear, let us know in the comments below: