Traditional vs. Online Business…Build Your List!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a 25 year old guy working 10-12 hour days, being bossed around and micro-managed at his job, and told he could lose this coveted job for a myriad of vague reasons.

His everyday life is a combination of subtle threats, long hours of dealing with cranky people, and little appreciation of his hard work. Not to mention the money isn’t that great either.

I can relate, because I experienced the same thing when I worked in a corporate job.

Then he blew me away with his philosophy, and his plans for the future.

Here’s a couple of his beliefs:

“There is no reason people aren’t making money when we have the Internet”

“There is so much opportunity out there and people just don’t see it”

“People who have jobs are really slaves, but it makes them feel safe so they keep doing it” (I know that’s a harsh one, but that’s how he feels. Robert Kiyosaki says “A job is not an asset. A job is slavery.”)

“I’m going to start my own vehicle transport company. Low overhead, $15K investment, high ROI. I’m going to employ women drivers. Simple business” (He went into all the details but that was the jist of his analysis)

I asked him if he watches Shark Tank. “Love that show. I want to be a Shark. This vehicle-hauling business is just the start for me”.

I was really impressed with his ambition and the homework he did researching this low-overhead/low-cost franchise type business. (That was his reference to the value of the Internet…)

Then I reminded him he’ll have to manage employees, deal with obamacare, and all the other regulations from the federal and state government agencies….

Anyway, I didn’t go into a big explanation of what I do, other than I don’t have to manage employees, I can work from anywhere, I have leverage and residual income in my business (which is what he was yearning for) and I don’t have gov’t agencies telling me what to do.

(I did clue him in on how to make money while he’s sleeping with his own info-product. That’s one of the true powers of the Internet. Ordinary people offering value and getting compensated for it.)

What I did tell him, was to build his email list (I use aWeber) as he talks to potential customers. Then keep in touch consistently and offer tips, wisdom and value related to the service/product he offers. Let people get to know, like and trust you.

Then when they’re ready to buy or refer, he’ll have established a relationship of know, like and trust. He can also recommend other related products to his list, that he can get a commission on when they buy.

It’s the single most important thing I’ve learned as a business owner. Keep in touch with the 90% of people that say ‘No’. Many of them will say ‘Yes’ later.

Most entrepreneur’s just keep trying to get more new leads (still a worthy activity of course), instead of nurturing the ones they’ve already come in contact with.

Build your list! You’ll be glad you did. (And give them value, not just sales pitches all the time!)

P.S. The skill to become a master at communicating with your prospects and customers is called ‘direct response’ or ‘instant response’. Contact me to learn how you can use direct response in your emails, ads, videos and other marketing.  Or just go here: Online Marketing Trainings

P.P.S. A franchise, to me, is a job disguised as an entrepreneurial endeavor.

And please comment and share! Make sure your friends know to build their list.