The Miracle Morning – Stop Hitting Snooze


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Thanks Jon Alfredsson for recommending this book, I am loving it!!

I’ve been a night-owl my whole life (my poor sister was the one sent to wake me up in the mornings when we were growing up. She still suffers trauma from the memories :(

I’ve always dreamt of a real solution to wanting to get up early in the morning. I think this could be it!

I’m only on p. 28 of ‘The Miracle Morning‘ by Hal Elrod, but I wanted to share this 60-minute ritual the book is based on.

I started it this morning :)

(I learned the importance of rituals from @jonathanbudd. Especially in the morning to start the day)

I set my alarm for an hour earlier than I usually wake up.

Then I do 10 minutes each of the following:

Silence: praying, meditating, focusing on my breath

Reading: Something inspiring. I picked ‘The Science of Wealth’ by Wallace Wattles

Affirmations: The author picked ones from Think and Grow Rich so I Googled those and did those.

Visualization: Feel, with every fiber of your being, what it would be like to be living all the things you want.

Journaling: Either write about what you’re grateful for, or whatever you like.

Exercise: Motion creates Emotion. Do whatever movement you like. I do yoga and I get flexible for the day.

The testimonials of the benefits of doing this ritual go on for pages in the book. The idea is that when you start your day on such a positive, relaxing, inspiring and and invigorating way, you look forward to waking up each morning and starting your day.

And this start to your day carries over into all parts of your life. I’m only on p. 28 so I’ll fill you in when I finish it :)

Have a great day!

Share with your friends, and let me know if this morning ritual improves your productivity.

I think the reason it works, is because you’re getting out of bed FOR YOURSELF, no one else. Not your boss, not your job, not some other responsibility that
you ‘have’ to do.

And the magic that happens as you keep doing the prayer/mediation, visualizations, affirmations, feeling grateful, inspirational readings and movement on an
ongoing basis is because we are put on this earth to live our best life, to love and be loved, and to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and let me know  ​how the Miracle Morning works for you!