Using Yahoo / Bing PPC Ads (Pay Per Click) To Get Traffic and Leads

Yahoo/Bing PPC Mastery Course from MITS
Yahoo/Bing PPC Mastery Course from MITS

Yahoo/Bing PPC Mastery Course from MITS

“The best education that anyone can have is getting out there and doing it, by getting your hands dirty and just trying something you will learn everything there is to know about running a business. And once you can run one business, you can run any business,” – Richard Branson

I love that he equates education with Doing, and going beyond how we normally view education – seminars, training’s, college classes, etc.

All those avenues do educate us, but we retain the most knowledge by doing, not reading or listening.

I have access to outstanding training’s for marketing your business online, entrepreneurship, leadership branding, direct response, and more. And I can watch them over and over. But if I didn’t implement (Do) what they teach, they’re just TV show entertainment.

So the latest marketing method I’m learning is placing PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on Yahoo/Bing. I’ve used Facebook ads and did very well getting leads and building a list on Facebook’s platform, so it was time to add a new skill to my arsenal.

( I learn tons of ways to get traffic and leads here)

Yahoo / Bing PPC is different than Facebook because people are searching for specific keywords and topics, where Facebook is a social environment. People aren’t looking to buy things or get educated on FB like they are when they’re searching.

It’s less expensive to advertise on Bing than Google AdWords, and it’s easy to set up and get started. They have live support too, which is great.

I learned how to do my Bing PPC ads through a course I took called Yahoo / Bing PPC Mastery.


Are you using Bing PPC? How do you like it?

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P.P.S.  I learn tons of ways to get traffic and leads here.