Walking on Glass and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Yes, I did walk on glass.

You can’t hear the crunching under my feet,
because the music is loud.

But you can hear the glass clanking as Bob
stirs it around for the next person after I finished.

I did it to prove to myself I could do something
I didn’t think was possible.

This video is me walking on glass at “Ignite” last week
(Nick Unsworth’s 3 day event for entrepreneur’s).
Before we did the glass walk, we talked about our
limiting beliefs that are holding us back in our business.
Then we wrote the biggest limiting belief we had on
the board with a Sharpie. The goal was to break through
the board, smashing that belief, once and for all!

Here were the biggies:
“I’m not good enough”
“I’m afraid I’ll be laughed at”
“I don’t deserve it”
“I’m not smart enough”
“If I get rich, my friends won’t like me anymore”

Everyone that participated broke the board (some women
used their foot instead, they couldn’t do it with their
hand, but who cares, you just find another way, right?)
We all have greatness that needs to come out.
We’re all unique, and have special gifts to give to
the world.

You have something really special to offer other people,
and by not doing anything about it, those people can’t
find you and receive the gift of you!
And you don’t have to be a guru or famous superstar,
or anybody else.

You only have to be YOU.

Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you from your dreams.

Being an entrepreneur gives you a fast-track to
discovering who you really are, and what you’re
capable of.

When I need inspiration, I watch Simon Sinek’s​
TED talk (https://youtu.be/7FYrZJ-XL1s), and review
my golden circle.

He teaches you what your Golden Circle is. Without your
Golden Circle, you won’t stay motivated! You’ll struggle
with what direction to go in, what task to do next, or
what decision to make about anything to do with your

With a solid Golden Circle, you’ll feel great about what​
you’re doing and you won’t procrastinate :)

It’s your foundation for everything.

What is your biggest limiting belief?

Write it down, and smash through that board!

You can overcome any limiting belief you have,
that’s stopping you from moving forward.

Call me, I’d be happy to help you any way I can.

No pitch, just one entrepreneur helping another.

That’s my mission, it’s a huge part of my golden circle,

Ph. 860-463-9040 (Pacific)