“The Million Dollar Day” Kills Procrastination

The Million Dollar Day book

The Million Dollar Day;  procrastination, pruning, and palm trees  :-)

The Million Dollar Day book & training

I spend a lot of time outside on my patio working at the table under the umbrella (definitely beats all those years I spent in an office!). I looked up one day and saw the 2 huge palm trees keeping me company, and I named them Harry and Joe.

Harry & Joe before pruning

(Larry, Curly and Moe are over to the right but they’re across the street)

Then a few days later there was a ton of noise as the landscapers were busy next door, I didn’t pay any attention.

Until I saw what they did to Harry and Joe! They chopped them to a fraction of their former selves! Will they grow back? They look so sad. I hope they’re OK.

And Larry, Curly and Moe are just hanging out. Although they look pretty brown. There’s a lot of dead leaves hanging onto them.

Getting a good pruning is actually a really good thing, right?

It definitely is when it comes to procrastination. I was reminded last night when I did the final edits on my chapter for the book I’m collaborated on, the Million Dollar Day. It’s now on Amazon!

The book goes really deep into productivity, and how we get in our own way to our accomplishments by procrastinating. It teaches you how to eliminate years of procrastination in only one day.

The best part is how you feel AFTER a MDD. Harry and Joe must be feeling much better too, all the dead weight and old leaves are gone.

Harry and Joe after pruning 2

Only the green, vibrant, growing leaves are still on them. Now they’re not fighting the dead leaves, they can get the sunlight and grow much easier.

Eliminating years of procrastination amounts to a good pruning, so new growth can sprout and flourish. That’s exactly how I felt after my #MDD.

It’ll be fun to watch and see how Harry and Joe grow. I’ll keep you posted  :-)

Watch a video of my Million Dollar Day experience here.

You can get the Million Dollar Day training here now.

Mindset is everything, isn’t it?