The Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT)

If you’re an entrepreneur, or you know one, or you’re thinking of starting a business, this video is really powerful.

You may also see something in yourself you didn’t realize was there. And/or get confirmation of what you already knew about yourself, but no one has ever affirmed it. It’s powerful.

When I left a corporate job and went out on my own, my entire life changed. The air I breathed even felt different.

Entrepreneurship wasn’t something offered to me as a kid or a teenager, the traditional route of go-to-college-and-get-a-good-job-with-a-good-company was the expectation.

I was lucky my parents expected me to college, I’ve met friends that were expected to get married and going to college wasn’t an option that was supported at all.

Anyway, I discovered there are actually more options than the one option I had:

  1. Serve in the military or with a charitable organization
  2. Get a job
  3. Go to college
  4. Start a business

I discovered entrepreneurship as an option after many years of working for someone else. Many of those living the grind, for the paycheck.

I wish I had seen having my own business as an option much, much sooner. Now I help people become entrepreneurs, sharing what I’ve learned about having your own business.

There are SO MANY ways to have your own business that let your God-given gifts contribute to the world.

And I believe Massive amounts of human potential never materializes because so many of us get stuck in the 9-to-5 mentality.

Most people aren’t even aware of the options in entrepreneurship, or they think they need a ton of capital and know-how to get started.

That’s the way it used to be, before the Internet.

Now the average, humble, awesome human with an idea can get their idea out to the world with very few obstacles. They can get their EXPERIENCE out to the world too.

People pay for other people’s knowledge. It’s called an info-product. (That’s one way)

We have social media, search engines, video, self-publishing, and more, to get a message out about our business without hiring big companies and spending a fortune.

That wasn’t possible before, you had to advertise in newspapers, or TV, radio, etc. that all costs $$$.
So the basic options for entrepreneurship today are:

  1. Invent or create a physical product and sell it online (you’ll need to manufacture it and fulfill orders)
  2. Create digital product or service and sell it online (info-products are here. No real storage or inventory required, no manufacturing involved)
  3. Create a brick-and-mortar business (retail hours required, usually)
  4. Create a service business (a cleaning biz, or pet-sitting, or investment advisor, a coaching business)
  5. Become a rep in direct sales, affiliate marketing or network marketing (you don’t have to create the product or the infrastructure to buy it or deliver it, you pick one you love, and share it and sell it)
  6. Buy a franchise (can be a lot like a job, not much freedom there….)
  7. Buy an existing business (usually a decent amount of capital needed)

There are pro’s and con’s to each option, and every entrepreneur will have their preference. Some of these businesses have leverage, and some don’t. (leverage gives you time freedom, you are paid on other people’s efforts).

My point is that entrepreneurship is an option for anyone with the desire to do more with their life. To contribute in their unique way, and expand as a human being and grow.

In fact it could even be a moral obligation, but that’s a discussion for another day.

I think it’s a shame entrepreneurship isn’t an option that is encouraged and promoted in our culture. It’s crazy to me that in America, all we hear from the media, and politicians is that ‘we need more jobs’.

Why aren’t leaders and politicians encouraging entrepreneurship as an option? This country is great because of entrepreneurs!

My big promise to you is that if you pursue entrepreneurship, and it’s for you, you will never be the same. And many entrepreneurs fail before they succeed. Most of them do. But that’s part of the growing and contributing. It’s part of success.

I hope Alex’s video on the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) and the Momentum Equation has given you something to think about.

It’s definitely helped me know myself better, and given me a framework for growing and contributing as an entrepreneur.

Share this with your entrepreneur friends! They need to know about the EPT!

What are your thoughts? Comment below or email me. If I can help you pursue entrepreneurship in some way, contact me.


P.S. And you don’t have to give up your whole life to pursue your own business.  You can do it on the side until you’re profitable! I use the trainings in Invisible Empire. They’ve taught me to grow my team, make high-ticket sales of $5-12K, and create my info-product. You can too.