3 Magic Questions for Recruiting or Selling

I see people pushing their deal, either in person or online, everyday.

I get messages on FB, even txt msgs, from people I barely know asking me to buy their stuff. Many times with very few details or reason why I should.

This doesn’t work :-( and makes marketers very sad, frustrated, and they often quit.

They’re very enthusiastic about their product, or service, and want other people to see what they see. Either about the home-business opportunity, or the amazing value their product provides.

That’s understandable, enthusiasm is great, and I endorse wholeheartedly loving what you sell. (I wouldn’t do it any other way)

But I barely know these ‘pushers’ (sorry but that’s how it feels to me, the ‘pushed’).

Would you buy something from someone you barely know from a msg on FB, or you just met at a networking event, or just out and about?

Think about how your prospect FEELS.

Some people are in pain and looking for what you’ve got (your avatar), but lots of people are not, even though YOU may think they need what you have.

And when I say pain, it could be the pain of wanting a vacation 😀 or the pain of needing a new vitamin, or a weight loss shake.

We can’t ASSUME people are in the right pain. We have to ask.

So to find the people that are in the right pain (for your product or service), you use the 3 Magic Questions.

Weave them into your conversations, whether online or offline.

First, Always be more interested in THEM. Focus on THEM, ask them about themselves, question them so you can get to know them better. People will love you for being so interested in who they are and what they care about. Be authentic and sincere here, otherwise you’ll be in the same boat you were before: failing.

Selling is about SERVICE. You’re going to find out how you can serve them. You may find that your product is irrelevant to them, but you can connect them with someone else that can serve them. Relieve a different pain. Then the law of reciprocity kicks in, but that’s another blog post.

So here are the 3 Magic Questions for recruiting:

1. Are you happy?
You can vary the wording here, but in terms of recruiting, it refers to their job, work situation, their business, etc.  If they are truly happy, why would you waste your time trying to recruit them? They’re not in any pain. Same goes for your product. If they love their protein shake, why try to talk to them about yours?

2. Do you have a plan to change that?
Do they have a plan to get what they want if they’re not happy? If they do, then you’re probably wasting your time trying to recruit them. Same goes for your product.

3. Want to see one?
If they are unhappy, and have no plan to fix their unhappiness, see if they’re open to seeing a plan you know about. Very Important: If they say “No”, they’re not ready to hear what you’ve got to say.  Let them know you have a plan; if they ever want to hear about it, they can call you. They may say ‘No’ now because they’re moving, or their daughter is getting married. Ask if you can follow-up later, if they’re open to that.

If they say “Yes”, the door is open, they’re listening, and you’re not wasting your time.

Then point, guide, direct them to a video, website, something other than you talking.

The less you say, the better. (another blog post there too).

You’ll have the right energy going with those questions and their answers.

You’ll be in service mode, with the right people that are open to what you’ve got.

These 3 questions could turn your whole business around  :-)

Recruiting Juggernaut

Recruiting is a process of sorting people, not spamming them.

Let me know if this helped you in the comments below, or email me, I’d love to hear your story,

You might just find you’ve become a magician at recruiting!