What is “Great Time”?

Laurie Conrod

Hey there!

I just got back from Phoenix yesterday,

I went home to CT to visit for the first time since I moved to CA in June. I didn’t want too much time to pass before I saw my Dad (he’s 88) and my sisters, and friends back East.

I went to Phoenix after my CT visit to attend the Invisible Empire company event; we dove into new marketing strategies, how to serve people better, and how to make more money at the same time.

And that’s when Mark Hoverson brought up the concept of “Great Time”.

Laurie Conrod

First of all there is no time. Only energy.

“Great Time” is an investment that creates forward momentum towards your goals.

Everything else is “Other Time”. It’s non-Great Time.

Think about it. How much energy/time do you invest in “Great Time” vs. “Other Time”?

Most people avoid “Great Time”.

They get stressed thinking about what they need to do to create forward momentum.

Here’s another killer truth:

It is more stressful to think about doing something you need/want to do than to actually do it.

Think about that! Isn’t that true? It is for me!

The thinking and procrastinating is painfully stressful!

So here are some examples of “Great Time” in the online marketing world:

Investing energy doing webinars, sales funnels, writing emails, creating ads, shooting videos, growing your list, nurturing your list, monetizing your list, to name a few.

“Other Time” is all the energy we spend doing everything else. Watching TV, cleaning the house, gardening, driving, checking email, checking Facebook, etc.

So look at time differently OK? It’s ENERGY.

Divide it up into “Great Time” and “Other Time”.

How will you invest that energy from now on?

And P.S. There’s “Great Money’ too. (Hint: a $20 ad budget would be “Great Money”)

Here’s to “Great Time”!


P.S. I’ve learned so much from Mark. To see how to get the
same access I have to his wisdom, go here or watch the video to get a taste of Solomon CEO.

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