How to Get Out of The Entrepreneurial Doldrums

How my customer will have a better life
It’s so easy to focus on the money as anHow my customers have a better life entrepreneur, because for many, the income is really needed, NOW.
But that focus keeps you in an energy of stress and anxiousness, and most importantly, off the topic of what’s most important.
Serving your customers, and giving them what they want and need, is what’s most important, and what will bring the money.
So if you get caught up in the needing-money-energy, and the low-level-vibration of that, try this exercise:
Get pen & paper, and write down 25 (or more) ways your customer will have a better life by buying your product. How will they feel, and what benefits will they experience?
As you read them over afterwards, don’t you feel good about what you’re offering? (If not, you need a new product or service to offer).
Keep the list where you see it everyday, and keep adding to it. Ask your customers why they bought. They’ll give you reasons you haven’t even thought of.
Which will help you serve more people.
Here are a few of mine on my list, for one of the products I sell,
1. They’ll save $1,000’s on vacations for themselves, their friends and their families
2, They’ll travel more often
3. They’ll have more fun stories to tell about their adventures
4. They’ll have more memories to enjoy
5. They’ll experience interesting places, food, nature, and people
6. They’ll nurture relationships with all the friends and family they travel with
7. They’ll avoid costly mistakes when planning travel and vacations
8. They’ll be able to give the gift of travel without paying the high cost

Plus many more.

Just reading the list inspires me to reach more people every day and let them know what’s available to them. It’s up to them to take advantage and join everyone else that experiences the benefits.

Read your list when you’re in a slump.

And if this has helped you, comment below and let me know  :-)