Which Type of Entrepreneur are you?

8 Types of Entrepreneurs

8 types of entrepreneur - wealth dynamics

There are 8 types of entrepreneurs, each personality type brings unique gifts into the world! You get in your flow, and wealth is created.

Roger gives a quick explanation in this YouTube video here.

Which one are you? Take the test from Roger Hamilton and you’ll have laser focus on how to create wealth and contribution using your strengths.

For example, Donald Trump is a Deal-Maker. Bill Gates is a Creator. Doesn’t that make sense!?

They are both creating wealth doing what they’re best at, and so can you.

I took the test when I was in a Mastermind with Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson. It opened up my eyes to the activities I need to focus on and those that I need to find a team to help me with. Entrepreneurs can’t succeed big doing it all alone! We aren’t good at everything.

You’ll see when you take the test and figure out which of the 8 types you are, and which types of people you need around you to help you in your journey.

Let me know which type you are, we’ll compare notes!