Generate Leads on Auto-Pilot Using The Internet…Live Training in Dana Point at Dana Point Yacht Club

Is your website generating leads and customers for you?

Your website should be working hard for you, and if it’s not, you can make it generate leads instead of sitting on the web like a lonely brochure.

In fact, you don’t even need a website to generate leads, find your ideal customers online, and have them reaching out to YOU.

What you need is an automated sales funnel.

And I’ll be demonstrating the 5 Step Formula I use to build funnels that generate 1,000’s of leads every month.

(If that’s too much you can turn it off!)

You are invited to my Training at Dana Point Yacht Club:

“How To Find, Attract, and Build A Loyal Customer Base Using The Internet Without Spending a Fortune on Advertising”

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I’ll teach you how to modify your website to generate leads, how to build a high converting sales funnel that generates leads for you on auto-pilot while you’re doing other things, and how to leverage social media too.

You can have your ideal customers COMING TO YOU on auto-pilot, so you can focus on your business, and have extra time every day for your family,

You can use Facebook Ads Right Now To Attract Your Ideal Clients and Customers, 24 By 7, 365 days a year.

Why should you use Facebook?

FB has over 1.5 million monthly users in Orange County alone.

And you can laser target your ideal customers and clients by demographics, interests, behaviors, and other categories.

Facebook Ads Allow You To:

– Be top of mind 24 X 7
– Stand out from your competition
– Build relationships with your target audience
– Re-target the people who see your ads
– Get leads with contact information
– Get traffic to your website and into your sales funnel
– Make your website convert and make more sales

FB ads are affordable for any business. If you’ve used them before without success, compare what you’ve done before to the strategies in my training.

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– Laurie

Laurie Conrod
Online Marketing Consultant

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“Entrepreneurs often fail because their companies are invisible to the world because they cannot bear to spend money on marketing and PR. This is a huge mistake that some entrepreneurs make when the money gets tight. Polishing products and services until they shine brightly in the sunshine is a waste of money. Smart entrepreneurs get the word out early and often via all available media, especially digital media: if they cannot find you, they cannot buy you. “ 10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail, Forbes, April 2016