Walking on Glass and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Yes, I did walk on glass. You can’t hear the crunching under my feet, because the music is loud. But you can hear the glass clanking as Bob stirs it around for the next person after I finished. I did it to prove to myself I could do something I didn’t think was possible. This video…

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The Miracle Morning – Stop Hitting Snooze


Thanks Jon Alfredsson for recommending this book, I am loving it!! I’ve been a night-owl my whole life (my poor sister was the one sent to wake me up in the mornings when we were growing up. She still suffers trauma from the memories I’ve always dreamt of a real solution to wanting to get up…

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Using Yahoo / Bing PPC Ads (Pay Per Click) To Get Traffic and Leads

Yahoo/Bing PPC Mastery Course from MITS

“The best education that anyone can have is getting out there and doing it, by getting your hands dirty and just trying something you will learn everything there is to know about running a business. And once you can run one business, you can run any business,” – Richard Branson I love that he equates education…

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Traditional vs. Online Business…Build Your List!

Yesterday I had a conversation with a 25 year old guy working 10-12 hour days, being bossed around and micro-managed at his job, and told he could lose this coveted job for a myriad of vague reasons. His everyday life is a combination of subtle threats, long hours of dealing with cranky people, and little…

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Facing Fears As An Entrepreneur

Dive Into Your Business and Face Your Fears

Fears are just beliefs, and we can change our beliefs anytime we want. I remember when my mother was teaching me how to dive for the first time. I LOVED swimming, and we were at Sebago Lake in Maine where we went every summer to visit my grandparents. They had a cement dock and a…

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Are You Getting In Your Own Way? That’s GOOYOW

There are 6 elements of GOOYOW, this is Element #1 – “Making the Moment Wrong”. When we think the moment we are in is wrong, that it shouldn’t be happening, we beat ourselves up needlessly, and also tend to get into victim mentality. Those thought patterns will get in our way and hold us back.…

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How To Live Your Dreams Now by Dreamscaping

Live Your Dreams Now Video

Live Your Dream Now! Is about finding ways, however small they are, to start doing and experiencing the things you want in life, now. Make a list of all the things you want in your life experience, and even if you can’t experience them 100% the way you want to, find smaller, starter ways to live…

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Do You Act On Your Desires and Dreams?


We all have our likes, dislikes, and desires, and dreams. And as we grow up, we are supported (or not) by our parents, family members, teachers, and peers to one degree or another, in all of these. Mostly our likes and dislikes are supported more than our desires and dreams. It’s acceptable to have an…

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Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

Don't Settle.

I believe entrepreneurship is a vehicle to finding out what you really want, and who you really are. We allow ourselves to have a vision of what we want, which is usually self-focused, but in many cases a serious situation (get out of debt, provide for a family, pay for college, live well in retirement,…

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Ben Franklin and Solomon CEO


Ben Franklin was a really cool guy. When my son Brian and I drove cross-country and moved him to Pasadena, CA, we saw this on the street in downtown Pasadena. Kudos to Pasadena for making Ben’s wisdom a permanent part of the sidewalk!There is so much wisdom available by visionaries that are long gone, but their…

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