Do You Act On Your Desires and Dreams?


We all have our likes, dislikes, and desires, and dreams. And as we grow up, we are supported (or not) by our parents, family members, teachers, and peers to one degree or another, in all of these. Mostly our likes and dislikes are supported more than our desires and dreams. It’s acceptable to have an…

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Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

Don't Settle.

I believe entrepreneurship is a vehicle to finding out what you really want, and who you really are. We allow ourselves to have a vision of what we want, which is usually self-focused, but in many cases a serious situation (get out of debt, provide for a family, pay for college, live well in retirement,…

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Ben Franklin and Solomon CEO


Ben Franklin was a really cool guy. When my son Brian and I drove cross-country and moved him to Pasadena, CA, we saw this on the street in downtown Pasadena. Kudos to Pasadena for making Ben’s wisdom a permanent part of the sidewalk!There is so much wisdom available by visionaries that are long gone, but their…

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